Apples tarte


 * Cup and a half white flour
 * One egg
* Tablespoon sugar
* Tablespoon butter soft
 * Half a liter of milk * Vanilla bag * 3 yellow eggs * 5 tablespoons sugar semolina * 2 tablespoons Force (fine white flour)
 How to prepare a paste
Add the egg, sugar, semolina and soft butter, and mix well.If not collected, add a little water to get a cohesive and soft dough, released by the massager, and placed in a plate dedicated to Torta pre-painted butter and sprinkled with flour, and pierced with a fork well, Then enter the oven and cook until imported color
. How to prepare cream
 * Mix egg yellow, flour and sugar semolina well. * We take the milk and add the bag of vanilla, and when boiling add the yellow egg, flour and sugar semolina, which we mixed previously, and continue to stir until we get cream complex and coagulated. And let it cool in the refrigerator. Take the apples, peel each apple and cut it into four, then cut each quarter of the apple into thin slices. * When the color of candy, we take it out of the oven, and then empty the cream and simplify it well evenly, then Nvf above the slices of apples in a beautiful way, then sprinkle from above with vanilla and a little cinnamon, and then enter the oven for 10 minutes.

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