Kiwi Tart

Ingredients: Flour: 400 powdered sugar: 125 grams Eggs: 1 grain butter: 250 grams Vanilla: 1 teaspoon Kiwi: 5 grains (peeled and cut into rings) Whipping cream: cup (whipped) Method of preparation 1. Beat butter with powdered sugar until hand Become fragile. 2. Add the egg with constant stirring then vanilla and flour and knead until the dough becomes firm. 3. Spread the dough in a special tart tray and make ends in the sides of the tray thickness of about half a centimeter and punching with a fork. 4. In the oven at 180 degrees for a quarter of an hour. 5. Let the tart cool completely then distribute whipped cream on the chilled tart and kiwi rings and kept in the refrigerator until serving.

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